Not getting likes?

What can you do with this app?

Get likes on your own facebook photos.

Get likes on photos of any facebook users.

How is this possible?

This is a like sharing system. Simply, you give likes, you get likes. As long as you keep this app on, you will get likes on your desired photos and your facebook id will give likes to others' photos. And all the process is totally automatic. You do not need to do anything except selecting the photo on which you want likes.

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Is it safe to use my facebook account in this app?

We do not store any information of your facebook account.
For your own peace of mind we recommend you to create another facebook account and use that in this app. By doing this you can still get auto likes on the photos of your main account while the new account will do the job of sharing likes to other's photos.

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How to use this app?

After starting this app, you will see the facebook interface.

Facebook Interface

View the photo (normally as you do in regular facebook) on which you want likes.
If the photo privacy is public and anyone can like the photo, then the notification button (located at the bottom of the screen) will become GREEN.

Facebook Interface

Click that button and you will start getting likes on that photo within a few minutes.

Facebook Interface